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5k – I Did It

There is no more Couch to 5K. I have done it. I have actually run the full 5 kilometres of the Roundshaw Downs Parkrun. It wasn’t very fast, but it was faster than last week and I did actually run the whole way. It was also fairly hard work, mainly because it was/is quite hot today. The air temperature was in the high twenties, even at nine in the morning. Leaving my drink bottle on the kitchen table didn’t help either.

I decided not to repeat last week’s mistake of being at the front of the pack at the start. A mistake in two ways.

  1. It was too easy to get carried away and try to keep up with the people who do the run in under twenty minutes.
  2. When my body quickly caught on to the fact that it wasn’t going to do the run in sub-twenty minutes, I was in danger of being trampled to death by the stampeding horde behind me.

This week I started at the back of the group. Lord Wallington’s daughter Katie made an excellent pacemaker for about half of the first lap, before she disappeared off into the distance. Lord Wallington himself had wisely blagged the job of Run Marshall for this week. There might have been a bit more to it, but it seemed to consist of barking a few instructions at us before the start, then retiring to the shade of the trees while the rest of us sweated our way round.

Starting at the back had the advantage of allowing me to occasionally overtake other runners, which gives a bit of an ego boost. There were no ten year olds in Chelsea kits overtaking me either. The marshalls situated at various points around the course were good substitutes for C.M.L. Obviously less Californian*, but still encouraging. “Come on, you’re doing well.” “Keep it up only 2k to go”. The one I liked best though was “Go on it’s all downhill to the finish from here”.

As I predicted my finish position is over one hundred places better than last weeks. Mainly because there were about 100 fewer runners. No major inter-church showdowns this week, although quite few runners were wearing their church running shirts. Some of which had appropriate? bible quotations such as Hebrews 12:v1 on them.

My result
Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Age Grade Gender Pos Club Note Total Runs
97 John MANDERSON 38:39 VM60-64 41.48% M 64 New PB! 2

I won’t be able to do the run next week because I have to work, or probably the following week, because I have been invited to my temporary pacemaker’s wedding, but I think that the run will become a regular feature of my Saturday mornings.

I have now completed my Couch to 5k programme, so this is the last blog in the Couch to 5k series. I will carry on running (and blogging about it occasionally), probably trying to get a little bit faster rather than going further, though C.M.L. thinks I should sign up for her 10k programme. Maybe later dear, in a couple of months. Let me enjoy and consolidate my achievements.

And since you asked, yes I do feel just a little bit like an “Awesome Runner”.

Even if I don’t look to much like one in the photo

I also think I deserve a “Malt-Based Recovery Drink”

The run is on Strava. My GPS watch lost the signal going through the woods so it looks as if I have cut a corner on the first lap – honest I didn’t.

A couple of personal bests

  • PR Park Run Lap(16:43)
  • PR Start to first corner(3:37)

Interesting that I was faster to the first corner this week than last, despite not going off like a scalded cat.

*There was a guy from San Francisco doing the run this morning.