Commenting Rules

My commenting rules are not that much different to most other blogs out there.

They are as follows:

  1. The first time you comment, your comment will be held awaiting my approval.
  2. Following an approved comment your future comments will be automatically approved.
  3. Feel free to disagree with me or any other commenter, but disagree nicely.
  4. I will delete or edit comments for the following reasons;
    • Racist Language.
    • Sexist Language.
    • Abusive Language (the occasional use of an in context four letter word will not get your comment deleted).
    • Personal attacks on me or another commenter.
  5. Spam will always be deleted.
  6. Do not feed the trolls.
  7. I may ban persistent abusers of the guidelines.

Please feel free to comment.

My blog is my personal space on the internet and when you comment you are like a guest in my house. You are very welcome and I don’t mind if you disagree with me, we enjoy a lively discussion, but if you decide to urinate in the front room I may ask you to leave. If I delete a comment or block someone I am not curtailing anyone’s freedom of speech, they are perfectly free to set up their own blog where they can say what they like.  All I am doing is saying “I don’t like you pissing on my carpet.”


Feel free to add your 2 pence/2¢/bawbee's worth (delete as appropriate)

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