COUCH TO 5K DAY 20 also including Day 21


Today has left me with a major dilemma. I did the wrong run this morning. Instead of doing the run that I should have for day 20 I did the run for day 21 instead. The run should have been the same as Wednesday’s. A twenty-minute run with a warm-up and cool down. Instead I clicked on day 21, a twenty-five minute run. I was merrily shuffling round the park wondering why C.M.L. hadn’t told me that I was at the half way point. When she eventually told me that I had reached half way, my watch said that I had been running for twelve and a half minutes. I twigged what I had done straight away. I had selected the wrong programme. I could have just gone by my watch and cut the run short at twenty minutes, but heart overruled the head and I decided that I would do the full twenty-five.

I did it ok, but I could feel that I had gone a wee bit far by the end. Thus confirming the wisdom of the programme.

No new records today, probably confirming my thoughts that Wednesdays figures were GPS assisted, just these;

  • 2nd best estimated 2 mile effort (23:46)
  • 3rd fastest time on Through the Park (8:44)

The whole run is here on Strava.

Update Saturday 16/07/2016

I have added even more confusion into my carefully regulated programme. Everything was carefully calibrated to ensure that next Saturday I would be fit, ready, primed and honed to take on the full five kilometers of the Roundshaw Downs Parkrun. However over a couple of pints at the Duke’s Head on Thursday evening, Lord Wallington, who don’t forget is responsible for getting me into this in the first place, persuaded me that it would be a good idea to do the Parkrun this Saturday, because it would be its seventh birthday and all the churches in the area were using it to have some sort of inter church showdown  friendly race. That should have warned me off straight away. Let’s face it church people can be all sweetness and light and love thy neighbor on the surface, but when it comes to grinding the church down the road into the dust over 5k, they can be pretty ruthless.

I decided that I would rise above, or to be more precise sink below all this inter-church rivalry and do my own thing. I normally have at least a day off between runs and never having run this far before I decided on a conservative run/walk/run strategy. The plan was three-minute run and a one-minute walk, though by the uphill section on the second lap that had gone to a two-minute run followed by a two-minute or possibly slightly longer walk. It got me round in a new Personal Best for 5k (don’t forget I have never done 5k before).

There were a few of slightly embarrassing episodes;

  1. Being passed by a couple of kids in Chelsea shirts who looked about eight and ten, though they did run out of breath and stopped about 200 metres later.
  2. I was actually running down the home straight on the first lap when I was passed by a blur of orange and black and thinking ” did you start late?” Then looking at my watch and realising “he’s finishing his second lap”. I discovered later that it was this guy who, is a bit of a local legend on his way to a new P.B.
    1 Tom HIGGS 16:52 SM20-24

    He is less than half my age

  3. Following someone who was on the same run/walk/run strategy as me almost all the way round, without realising until I got to the finish that I had known him for about twenty years. To be fair all that I really saw of him on the course was his backside.

I finished in a moderately respectable time and I wasn’t last.

210 John MANDERSON 39:36 VM60-64

I was also sixth in my age category (Veteran -read old- Male aged 60-64). I think, although I haven’t checked too hard that there were more than six of us in the category.

I expect to improve my finishing position by at least one hundred places next week. Mainly because there won’t be quite so many hyper-competitive church people in matching running shirts.

I also set some personal bests, which I hope to beat next week;

  • PR on Home Straight (3:09)
  • PR on Roundshaw Hill Dash (1:19)
  • PR on Park Run Lap (17:46)
  • PR on Start to first corner (3:41)

The full results are here and this the link to my  Strava results 

This doesn’t complete my Couch to 5k adventure because I still haven’t run a full 5k, hopefully I will acheive that next Saturday. I will probably skip my normal Sunday run tomorrow., but if I am up and the weather is good I might go for a pre-breakfast walk instead.


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