Couch to 5k Day 18


Grey skies and a stiff breeze met me when I went out this morning. Not quite as pleasant as last Sunday. Still at least it wasn’t raining.

C.M.L. (Californian Motivational Lady) is trying hard to turn me into a runner. Today had the longest running segment yet, a full fifteen minutes before she gave me a break. The break was what felt like a very short three-minute walk before I had I had a five-minute run to finish off. My morning running person hypothesis is holding up. I felt fine during the run.

While obviously I know that I am putting a bit of effort in it does not feel too hard. I can  only put this down to how well the programme is structured. I wasn’t a complete couch potato when I started out but I definitely was not a runner. Also because of how Grace was in the months leading up to her death I had not done very much cycling or any other exercise for about six months. I am doing things, like a full fifteen minute run, reasonably easily, that would have been impossible for me at the start of the programme.

A couple of personal bests today, one of which the one mile personal best, I knew I would beat, because today was the first time that I would run for a full mile.

  • Best estimated 1 mile effort (10:44)
  • Best estimated 2 mile effort (22:46)

I seem to have lost somewhere between 1.5 and 2 kg (3 to 4 pounds or about half a stone if you still work in imperial) which should please my doctor and a few menswear shops if I keep it up (because I’ll have to buy new trousers). In addition my diabetic control is a lot better. I am winning all round.

Here is the Strava analysis, if you are interested.


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