I think that my theory about being a morning running person may be correct. This morning’s run was similar to Wednesday’s. There were two ten-minute runs with a recovery walk in between. The recovery walk today was only three minutes as opposed to the five minutes C.M.L. gave me on Wednesday. Even with that I found the run easier and I was also a wee bit faster.

With Friday being part of the weekend now, I left the alarm set for six o’clock the same as I normally do on a work day. I didn’t leap out of bed as I normally do if I am working, but I still got my self up and ready to go run by seven-thirty.  It wasn’t quite as pleasant a run as last Sunday’s. The air temperature was pleasant enough, not too hot or too cold, but it was quite overcast and grey. Typical British summer weather (minus the rain). In addition, instead of other runners giving me a smile or blowing me a kiss, all I encountered were people on their way to work or school. They didn’t look quite as happy. And there were a lot more cars about.

The run is recorded on Strava. I also managed another batch of personal bests:

  • Best estimated 1 mile effort(10:53)
  • Best estimated 1k effort (6:28)
  • Best estimated 1/2 mile effort (5:12)
  • Best estimated 400m effort (2:30)

Those are encouraging. What I noticed today however, which I found even more encouraging as an indication that I am getting fitter, was that my heart rate dropped back quickly when I went from the run to the recovery walk.
I am on target for the Roundshaw Downs Parkrun in two weeks time.


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