Who would have thought it. It turns out that I am a morning person, at least when it comes to running. I find it harder going out for a run in the evening than in the morning. I suppose that if I am going out for a run in the evening it will almost certainly be because it is a work day. Consequently I am going to be a wee bit tired. Possibly that is what makes the difference.

All I know is that I found today a bit hard. C.M.L.* had upped the running segments to ten minutes and cut the recovery walk to five, so that didn’t help. I had also had a few problems with my blood glucose levels today. Unusually, for me, they kept going low, again that probably didn’t help either. Nevertheless I got through it. It took a bit of gritting the teeth and pushing on when it would have been easier to stop. I didn’t, so I am reasonably chuffed with myself

According to C.M.L. I am now an Athlete, and have the badge to prove it


Thre were also a couple of new personal records as well

  • Best estimated 2 mile effort (24:45)
  • Best estimated 1 mile effort (11:31)
  • Best estimated 400m effort (2:30)

My next run should be on Friday morning so we shall see if my “morning person” theory holds up.

*Californian Motivational Lady


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