I do like Sunday morning pre-breakfast runs, especially if, like this morning, it is sunny with fluffy white clouds. I get up and change into my running gear, have a cup of coffee to make sure I am awake and off I go, before most of Wallington is out of bed. Although I have noticed that a sunny morning brings out quite a few people with the same idea as me. Not nearly as many, obviously, as the number of MAMILs* that would be inching their way slowly up Box Hill, on their £5000 Pinarellos wearing their matching Team Sky kit, later on in the day. Anyhow it is encouraging to get a smile or a wave from other shufflers. One woman even blew me a kiss. I had just finished the first run segment and was beginning the recovery walk, possibly she thought I really needed encouragement.

Beddington Park was looking particularly fine again this morning.

The run as usual can be inspected on Strava.
There were two personal bests today

  • Best estimated 1k effort (6:36)
  • Best estimated 1/2 mile effort (5:19)

Having got all snarky about MAMILs, I have just noticed that it is time to go and watch the Tour de France highlights for today. So “See you in a couple of days” as CML says.

* Middle Aged Men In Lycra


2 thoughts on “COUCH TO 5K DAY 15”

  1. speedy Km…. multiply that up and you’re doing a Parkrun in just over half an hour 🙂


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