Couch to 5k Day 14


Records are tumbling with every run. Actually it’s not really that surprising because every run involves more running and less walking. Even I run faster than I walk, possibly not that much faster, but I do so hence the flurry of personal bests.

Today’s records for your delectation:

  • Best estimated 2 mile effort (25:08)
  • Best estimated 1 mile effort (11:41)
  • Best estimated 1k effort (6:47)
  • Best estimated 1/2 mile effort (5:22)

I am getting quite into this and looking forward to the next challenge that my CML (see previous posts) throws at me.

I discovered another problem with using folk music as part of your soundtrack for running. Having eliminated Walter Pardon and similar singers, I discovered that some (especially Irish) fiddlers speed up towards the end of the track. This does not help. Especially if you are going as fast as you can. They will also have to be vetted and possibly discarded as well.

Strava evidence is here. If you click-through you will see that I am discovering parts of Beddington Park that I didn’t know existed.

Anyway it’s time for bed as tomorrow’s run should be pre breakfast.


3 thoughts on “Couch to 5k Day 14”

  1. I started running 12 years ago and I hope I can continue. I am now 65 and takes part in four Half Marathons a year and a lot of 10k races. Looking back it has been amazing as I never thought I could run at all. It’s all about training consistently


  2. I like to imagine I am with you and losing Stones. Maybe one day. Keep on keeping on. I’m finding it all quite inspirational.


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