Couch to 5k day 13


Another run/walk/shuffle successfully completed. The run times are getting longer still and the recovery walks are shorter. Today’s cycle was a five-minute run followed by a three-minute walk, a six-minute run, followed by a three-minute walk and finishing up with another five-minute run.

I tried something different today running with a musical sound-track. It was fine but I think that I am probably going to have to sort out a running playlist rather than rely on random shuffle like I normally do. I have quite a lot of old traditional folk songs on my phone, however suddenly moving from Bruce Springsteen to Walter Pardon singing “A Ship to Old England Came” causes you to break your stride a bit. I’m not quite sure what the playlist should consist of, suggestions are welcome in the comments, but I think that Walter will probably have to miss out.
I only recorded the run part of the exercise today (I left off the warm up and cooldown walks) so it looks shorter than previous days, but it also looks as if I am faster. The evidence as always is on Strava. I also recorded two personal bests:

  • Best estimated 1/2 mile effort (5:32)
  • Best estimated 1 mile effort (11:49)

Ok, it’s probably too late to make Olympic qualification but I’m moderately chuffed with them.


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