Couch to 5k day 12


Another week completed and I am now as my Californian Motivational Lady (henceforth known as CML) tells me I am “Half way to 5k – Yeaaa”. I did another pre-breakfast run partly because I was awake and partly because heavy showers were forecast for later on in the day Today’s effort consisted of a three-minute run followed by a two-minute walk, then two five-minute  runs with two minute walks, and another three minute run to finish the session off. As you can see the recovery walks are getting shorter. It gets worse next week.

In other news I have bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 15 watch. forerunner 15My excuse being that my old Polar Heart Rate Monitor had packed up and the Garmin also works as a HRM.. I think the battery in the chest strap had gone, and it isn’t possible to change the battery yourself. It has to go back to the manufacturer and it costs a small fortune. Though I must admit probably less than the Garmin watch cost. The main reason I bought it was that I am a bloke and I like gadgets.

As well as acting as a HRM it also records your runs. You can then download the data to your computer which then syncs it with Strava. Todays run is here if you are interested.
It also records you total steps for the day and tells you how far you have walked.

I almost forgot I am Halfway to 5K and have a badge to prove it.




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