Couch to 5k Day 9


I have now completed week three of the programme. Like the days at the moment( until the 21st) the runs are getting longer and the walks are getting shorter. I am now doing three of three minute runs with two minute recover walks, bookended by a two, two minute runs.

I started on this programme for many reasons;

  • My mate Lord Wallington has been trying to get me to do the Roundshaw Downs Parkrun for ages and I thought that it might be an idea to be able to actually complete it.
  • I am a bit over weight and as my G.P. tells me “losing 10kg won’t do you any harm Mr Manderson”. Yes Dr Malik, I wish it was that easy.
  • Regular exercise (and hopefully losing a kilogram or two) helps with my diabetic control.
  • It takes less time than going for a cycle ride. Not that I am planning on giving up cycling, it’s just that I can change into my running gear, do the run and be back home and showered in less than an hour.
  • It also gives me a focus and a target, which helps a bit in coping with losing Grace.

What I am finding though is that it is harder on a sixty year old body than cycling. I get little niggly pains here and there that I don’t get from cycling. Possibly I am not running properly, or need different equipment. I do know that if your bike isn’t properly set up that you can get all sorts of problems stemming from that. I also know that with a properly set up bike you can do a long ride that leaves you so knackered that you can hardly get up off the sofa, but have absolutely no pain at all.

I am now as you can see officially a Rising Star and have a badge to prove it.



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