I‘m back home again after a wonderful long weekend up in the Scottish Borders with my brother and sister (and their families). So no run up and around the Dunglass Estate today. Beddington park isn’t too shabby a substitute, but it’s not quite the same. I had the same routine as last Friday. That is two and a half minute runs with two and a half minute recovery walks.

Today is what should have been Sunday’s run. I skipped it because on Saturday I went up to the Hawick Common Riding for the first time in at least thirty years. I used to live in Hawick and the Common Riding is the main event of the year. I always involves a reasonable consumption of alcohol and probably a little more so when you meet with friends that you haven’t seen  for thirty years. Consequently I was feeling slightly fragile on Sunday morning and decided to skip the run. Monday was spent travelling back down to Wallington. Today was the first chance I got  to go for a run.

Strava again failed to record my run so there is no evidence. It is probably my fault but I will blame the app and/or my phone. I’m sure you will take my word for it though..


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