Couch to 5k Day 7

A change of scenery today. I am staying with my sister and her husband for a couple of days. They live on the east coast of Scotland just south of the East Lothian border. Today’s run/walk/shuffle took in two countries. Berwickshire and East Lothian. Though admittedly not much of either.
Week three sees the length of the runs increase and the length of the recovery walks decrease. Today my “coach” has me doing  two and a half minute runs followed by two and a half minute recovery walks, repeated four times. Again it didn’t feel to bad, so I guess that they have actually thought about the programme.

It was a bit cooler in Scotland than it was on Sunday morning in South London but the views made up for it.


As the lady who describes me as an *awesome runner* says at the end of every workout; See you in a couple of days.

Strava result if you are interested.


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