Couch to 5k Day 6

Well that is the second week of the project completed. I am now doing  1.5 minute runs followed by a two minute walk, six times. That is a little bit more than last time but it didn’t feel any harder, so I guess that it proves that the programme is working. I am gradually increasing my running fitness to the point where a 5k run will be a doddle (or a run in the park.)

There was a while this afternoon that I thought that I might have to revise my plans and do a swim instead. About two this afternoon we had the most amazing thunderstorm and downpour. I am probably exaggerating when I say that a months rain fell in ten minutes, but not by much. I was sitting in my office, writing my reports, when I became aware that water was cascading down outside my window. I thought that there was something wrong with the guttering, but the realised that it was caused by the fact that there was more water falling on the roof than the guttering could deal with. I looked out the front of the house and our street had turned into a river. There was, at that moment, just too much rain for the drains to cope with. Ten minutes later the rain had eased off and after half an hour the sun was back out and you wouldn’t have known that anything had happened.

The scenes about 500 metres from my house.

The technology is back up and jogging again so here is the Strava report on today’s run.


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