Couch to 5K Day 4


We have entered week two of my  adventure. I haven’t had a heart attack yet. Apart from slightly sore legs the day following a run* I have had no ill effects. No dog attacks, unless you count the Labrador pup that wanted to lick me to death. I haven’t even stepped in any dog poo (yet). Either my route is dog free or Wallington dog owners are very good a picking up after their pets.

A new week brings an increased challenge, longer run segments. The run segment has been lengthened from sixty to ninety seconds, the recovery walk has also increased, to two minutes. Except the last two run walk segments are now one minute runs with a one minute recovery walk. Sneaky or what.

I’m still standing (running??) and the evidence,if you interested. is as ever on Strava.

*Run, as you have probably realised, is at the moment, the term used by my encouragement voice –  the one who calls me an “awesome runner”.


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