Couch to 5K Day 3


Another walk/run/shuffle successfully completed. The format was the same as last time; a five minute warmup walk, then eight one minute runs with one and a half minute recovery walks. then a five minute warm down walk. It felt a bit harder today for some reason. I could be that it is colder and generally more miserable than it has been. Because of that I put a pair of long (cycling) tights on as well as an extra layer on top. Also I went out after I came home from work rather than going out first thing in the morning as I did the previous two times. It could also be that I was running faster. Strava tells me that I covered an extra 150m compared to Monday. So that quite possibly explains it. It felt harder because I was working harder.
DeterminationI also earned myself a determination badge. I suppose that it means that I didn’t give up after the first run.

The run also induced the beginnings of runner’s paranoia. This I believe, can be a very expensive disease to treat.

As I was running I was feeling a slight pain in my shins. This lead to thoughts along the lines of;
“Are my £50 Adidas cross-trainers providing adequate cushioning when I am running on the road?”
“Should I go out and buy myself a pair of proper running shoes?
“How much should I pay £100 – £150 – £200?”
“What is the best make?”
“I’ll Google it when I get home”

By the time I got home the paranoia had calmed down a bit, so I think I’ll stick with the £50  cross-trainers, at least for the time being.


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