I thought I already had a Tory MP

I found this pre-election flyer from my local (Lib-Dem) MP Tom Brake stuffed through my letter box today. In it he asks me one question.
“Would you be happy with a Tory MP?”

The answer is obviously no.

However I decided to check Mr Brake’s voting record on They Work For You, and as far as I can see we might as well have had a Tory MP for the past five years.
I’m sorry Tom but I’m through with holding my nose and voting Liberal Democrat to keep the Tories out. My vote is going to the only party that has even quarter of an idea about how to get the United Kingdom back on the right tracks and that is the Labour Party. Though as Billy Bragg said recently on Facebook;

It’s a mark of how constipated our political discourse has become when the ideas put forward by the bishops of the Church of England are more attractive than current Labour Party policy



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