IKEA and “The Law of Shoe Racks”

Our old IKEA shoe rack had seen better days.

It also proved the “Law of Shoe Racks” .

srack= pairs of shoes that a shoe rack is designed to hold;

sf= the pairs of shoes owned by the female (hopefully sf < 100);
sm= the pairs of shoes owned by the male (must be > 0);
y = the number of years that the shoe rack has been installed;
tm = the tidiness factor of the male;
tf = the tidiness factor of the female;
sactual = pairs of shoes in the hallway on or near the shoe rack
sactual = srack + (sy / tf) + (sy / tm)

Off we toddled to IKEA to get a new shoe rack, and a new table to put in the porch so we could put a plant on it. The table goes in the porch and has the plant on it, not the shoe rack. At this point I suppose I should mention that we had gone to IKEA the weekend before to get a shoe rack and a table for the porch and came back with a bathrobe, two sets of battery operated fairy lights and a bread basket. Hopefully we wouldn’t get quite so distracted this week.

We did manage to buy a shoe rack called “Tjusig” and a table called “Grennen”. We actually bought two shoe racks in the hope of at least temporarily overcoming the “Law of Shoe Racks”. By the way does anyone know how IKEA thinks up their product names? Are they just random letters thrown together to sound vaguely Scandinavian or do they actually mean something?


I took some photos of the assembly process. Unfortunately I can’t bring you hilarious tales of ineptitude. I am actually fairly good at assembling flat packs and the like. I am an engineer so, I can interpret drawings and normally see how something fits together.


Trusty Multi-Tool also Swedish
Trusty Multi-Tool also Swedish
First make sure it is the correct colour - White.
First make sure it is the correct colour White

Read the instructions and make all the components aka “bits” are present and correct.


First step; assemble the legs using the correct cross-bars; the threaded ones.

WP_20150208_020WP_20150208_007 WP_20150208_012

Using the trusty IKEA Allen Key fix the cross-bars.

Fit the locating dowels to one set of legs and assemble the cross braces


Insert the wood screws and tighten using a cross-headed screwdriver (or trusty multi-tool device)


Fit the second set of legs – remembering to fit the location dowels first.


And that’s it. If you want to stack them two high (like me) there are a couple of fish plates to fix the racks together so you can’t knock the top one off.

Using a proper screwdriver instead of a Trusty Multi-Tool would have made the job slightly easier, but it was raining and I couldn’t be bothered to go out to the shed to get my tool-box.


As you can see the “Law of Shoe Racks” is already coming into play.


“Grennen” the table – minus plants.


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