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My weekly round-up of links and miscellany.

Whatever they said their intentions were when they decided to “reform” the NHS the Tories didn’t improve it and they didn’t save money, quite the opposite in fact

Watch how the measles outbreak spreads when kids get vaccinated – and when they don’t

“When you immunize your child, you’re not only immunizing your child. That child’s immunization is contributing to the control of the disease in the population,”.

A bunch of protesters trapped Nigel Farage in the UKIP office in Rotherham. Apparently he was forced to stay inside by a breastfeeding mother who refused to sit in the corner.

In the internet age it isn’t quite so easy to keep your stumbles under wraps as Robert Mugabe has discovered. He obviously hasn’t’ heard of The Streisand Effect.

What exactly are Mike Ashley’s plans for Rangers?

Sign Mugabe?

Does the Green Party unerringly prefer grandstanding and protest to the serious business of Government? Neil Schofield seems to think so.

Over 200,000 young people have gone missing from the Electoral register. It’s National Voter Registration Day today and time for the young people hit by the system changes to sign up. If you aren’t already registered you need to be. This upcoming General Election is crucial and if you don’t vote you are saying you don’t care.
Click on the link to register – you will need your National Insurance Number – and it will take about five minutes.


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