Songs I Love: Nic Jones – Isle of France

nic_jonesNic Jones was one of the finest singers and guitar players to come out of the Folk Revival.  I remember going to hear him at the Marsden Inn Folk Club back in 1976 and being completely blown away by his performance.

A near fatal car accident in 1982 cut his career short. He performed a few gigs in 2012-13 accompanied by his son but has since stopped performing in public. The BBC made an hour-long  documentary “The Enigma of Nic Jones: Return of Britain’s Lost Folk Hero”. I was part biographical and part following him on the run up to his first comeback gig. Unfortunately it is not currently available on BBC iPlayer or YouTube but it can be bought as a DVD from Nic’s official website

I like all Nic Jones’ work and could have chosen any one of a dozen songs to showcase the talent that we lost that night back in 1982, and we did lose something special . Although he still has a fine singing voice, he no longer plays the guitar or the fiddle.

The song I chose is this one “The Isle of France”*.  from the album “Noah’s Ark Trap”. It shows off Nic’s fine guitar playing and I like the story that the song tells.

* The Isle of France is now known as Mauritius.


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