A morning’s distracted web surfing

The Tories are conducting an amazing dog-whistle racist survey. I urge you all to sabotage it.They then have the nerve to ask you to donate twenty quid for the privilege of filling the thing in.

Lots of things can prevent a kid from getting a decent education, but the myths surrounding education definitely don’t help.

(H/t to @johnlg44 for the two above)

He’s got a good set of lungs on him and a great way to drown out the homophobic rantings of this preacher on the New York subway

(H/t to Fred Clarke – The Slacktivist)

Speaking as a cyclist there is a certain type of driver who shouldn’t be allowed on the road. But because so many of us have helmet cams today this type of driving is less easy to get away with. At least he went to the police voluntarily – after the video went viral.

There is a worrying level of antisemitism in the U.K.

The Green Party now has more members than the Lib-Dems and depending upon which opinion poll you read probably as many potential voters.

The ref probably shouldn’t have started the game in the first place. But he might have been worried about what the Rangers fans might have done to the Board if they didn’t have some fitba’ to distract them. We’ll beat them again in the re-match.


Twelve years after we assumed that it had crashed Beagle 2 is found on Mars.

To finish a couple of tweets that I liked…

An honest estate agent?

I believe they call the phenomenon “Manhathenge”


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