Lidl are selling Kilts #ScottishSuburbanProblem

Lidl are selling Kilts for 30 quid!.

I’m not sure what to make of a German supermarket selling Scotland’s national dress for less than the price of a decent bottle of whisky. I’m also not sure what the model is wearing under his kilt but the way they describe the kilt (made from soft viscose and acetate material) makes me think that it won’t have the weight of a real one so I would suggest underpants unless it is a guaranteed windless day. It looks more like a kilt for wearing to a rugby international than a wedding.
o give you an idea of how cheap this is, my kilt cost £175 thirty five years ago. I don’t think I’ll bother getting one. I might get myself a shirt though.

I was going to include a photo of me in my kilt, I’m better looking than the bloke at the top of the page, but I can’t find one on the computer – honest.

bagpipesHowever this thing on the left is what you really need to fear. At that price your neighbors may be tempted to buy them and their kids may attempt to play them.

Kids’ Playable Bagpipes  £12.99


6 thoughts on “Lidl are selling Kilts #ScottishSuburbanProblem”

  1. Ahhh, this is why I’m following you! I wanted to read about Scottish dress and whiskey. I’m American, so I go right to the cliches about Scots and all things Scottish. Seriously, this was a fun post. Yes, viscose and rayon acetate are not sturdy fabrics. We definitely need a photo of you in your high quality kilt. I worked for a year at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, so I saw my share of kilts (and heard plenty of bagpipes, too). Anyway, enjoying following you!


    1. I don’t often write about kilts and whisky although I do wear my kilt for special occasions and drink the occasional whisky. I also enjoy a whiskey Though I prefer Irish to Bourbon, (whiskey is the Irish/United States spelling, Scots and Canadians spell it correctly)
      I’m not all that fond of the Highland (generally thought to be Scottish) bagpipes. In the part of Scotland that I come from we have our own smaller, kinder and gentler pipes, called the Border or Northumbrian pipes, dependent on which side of the border you come from.


  2. I knew you would have a take on this. Wonderfully crafted piece John. I too would like to see a picture of the real McCoy.
    See what I did there?


    1. I did see what you did there Jean, my sister gave me a rather wonderful picture of me in my kilt that she found when she was clearing mum’s house last year. I need to scan it after that it may be the subject of post of it’s own.


  3. I just stumbled over your blog as a member of the #blogging101 course. I laughed reading your post about the Lidl kilt and had to read it aloud for my husband.


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