It caught my attention today

It seems that our chances of having a televised debate between the party leaders at the forthcoming General Election are somewhere between Zilch and Nada and it’s not because the Greens haven’t been invited.

Western journalists will speak the truth to anyone, (fanatics with a guns perhaps less so).

At least Martin Rowson is honest enough to admit it.

Of course fanatics with guns shouldn’t be threatening journalists, but they are, not just in Paris but all over the world, including Germany

Possibly we can learn something from Germany. Will Hutton thinks we are lucky to have today’s Germany.

The private sector doesn’t have all the answers and for the NHS it probably doesn’t have any of them.

The Morning Star was surprisingly even more scathing;
Vulture firm Circle dumps Hinchingbrooke Hospital and that was the nice bit of the article.

Finally on a more positive note Helen Wyman (@CXHelen) showed all the young whippersnappers a muddy pair of wheels to win the British Cyclocross Championships for the 9th time.

These are a few news stories/articles that have caught my attention today. Click on the links for the full articles.


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