A New Look for the New Year

Following on from re-naming the blog (from johnm55 to A Scotsman in Suburbia) I have decided to give it a new look. After spending all morning trying different themes and finding something that I didn’t like with most of them, I finally settled on the Twenty Fourteen theme.

I have spent the rest of the day designing and creating a new header image and tweaking the layout of the side bars. From my end it has a few advantages functionally over my old theme, and I think that from  the perspective of a reader it has a cleaner look. I’ll probably make a few tweaks to the layout and may slightly alter the header image as I am only 95% happy with it.
I hope that you like it, and if not please leave me a comment below.


4 thoughts on “A New Look for the New Year”

  1. I definitely like the name change, it has a nice ring to it. You might want to add a tagline of some sort and I mean I’m not too fond of the dark blue, maybe something different for the color? Overall I like this! Check out my blog if you’d like: motherofpeace.wordpress.com


    1. Thanks for the feedback. I am kind of stuck with the colours that come with the theme, and the dark blue was the least bad.I do have a tag line -“Random thoughts, ramblings and rants.” possibly it isn’t showing up on the new theme, I’ll check it out.
      I checked your blog out it looks fine, although a 59 year old Scotsman probably wasn’t who you were thinking of when you wrote about your dream reader. I’ll comment a bit more on your blog.


  2. Thanks Georgina. I’ve had a look at both your blogs, because the identity you used to comment here takes me to your main blog rather than your Aquaholic blog, which probably explains why you accidentally picked up six new followers.
    Your writing is fine but hopefully the Blogging 101 course will help you with the technical bits


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