A Scotsman in Suburbia

Following an extensive and thoroughgoing review with my image consultant, we decided that “johnm55” as a brand name was very 2014 darling. Actually it was probably more 2010. We made what we hope will be major game-changing paradigm-shifting decision and renamed the blog “A Scotsman in Suburbia” however the tag line remains the same; “Random Thoughts, Ramblings and Rants.” because changing the name doesn’t mean that a suburban Scotsman, will be anymore coherent than johnm55.

We do feel that this could drive the page views up into the low teens (per month). We also hope that this Blogging 101 course might improve the content,

As you can see there is still a bit of work to be done on the YB image, I need a new header image for a start. Still the weather forecast for the weekend is not great, so I will try to remember how to use the GIMP* and see what objects of informative beauty I can come up with.

Edit 17/01/15 as you can see the header and a few other aspects have now been tarted up.

*The GIMP is a very powerful free image editing program, which has only one disadvantage, a fairly steep learning curve.


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