So who is johnm55 anyway? (and why is he rambling away on this blog thing?)

It’s a good question. I sometimes wonder what the answer is. Actually I don’t think that there is one definitive answer. The answer tomorrow will probably be slightly different to the answer today.

Who is johnm55 A Scotsman in Suburbia?

The short and easy answer to the first part of the question (who is johnm55 anyway?) is that johnm55 is my online name. I am actually called John Manderson and surprise, surprise, I was born in 1955. I sometimes think that I should think up a snappier name for the blog that sums up what you should expect when you arrive here, but “Middle-aged Male Angst” isn’t any better, or is it?
edit 07/01 I have renamed the blog “A Scotsman in Suburbia”

A short biography.

I am a native of the Scottish Border country, I grew up on sheep farms, my father was a shepherd, in the Border Hills. I loved the Border countryside, but had no desire to work in it. On leaving school I joined the Merchant Navy as an engineering apprentice and set off to see the world, or at least the parts of it than can be reached by a 40000 tonne container ship.

That phase lasted about fifteen years, until I met my wife. I wanted to find a job that didn’t require me to be away for eight or nine months of the year. I found a job lecturing in Marine Engineering in the Solomon Islands. It was an experience, and I probably should write about it some day, before I get too old and senile to remember it. We were there for about two and a half years, until my contact expired and we came home to London (United Kingdom).

Since then, for the past twenty-five years, I have lived in South London (Wallington if you know the area) and worked for a large multinational insurance company as a Pressure Systems Surveyor, which isn’t as boring as it sounds and pays for groceries. I am planning to retire this year and after that who knows.

Why am I rambling away on this blog thing anyway?

I originally started the blog back in 2010 because I was in favour of changing the way we vote in the United Kingdom to some form of proportional representation. I naïvely thought that my blog posts could be the difference between victory and defeat for the Yes campaign. If you are really interested all the posts are still there in the archives. I discovered that the process of writing and researching was an excellent way to work out what I actually thought about something, rather than just going on a gut feeling, so I carried on with the blog after the referendum was over and lost.

I don’t really have a theme for my main blog I tend to write about what I fancy or what has caught my attention. There are a few subjects that tend to crop up more often than others. Cycling, art and food feature regularly ( I actually have a second blog which only consists of recipes) as do politics and more occasionally theology. . Politically I am a bit left of centre with greenish tendencies. Theologically I am less sure about how to sum myself up, agnostic Christian, is probably the best short description I can think of.

I decided to do this course (Blogging 101) partly to get myself back into the habit of writing this blog and partly to try to improve my writing. Let’s see how it goes

Edit 07/01 for “johnm55” now read “A Scotsman in Suburbia” except when I am commenting I’ll still be johnm55.


2 thoughts on “So who is johnm55 anyway? (and why is he rambling away on this blog thing?)”

  1. If you believe in something it is better to fight for the cause then do nothing! Good for you for trying!! I am sure it made a difference maybe not the one you hoped for but in some way it did! Always fight the good fight I look forward to hearing more rants for I seem to go on them myself sometimes. Great work!


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