1st January 2015

I always start the year with good intentions, recycling last years resolutions – it saves time and makes me feel slightly environmentally friendly. No energy was wasted in the making of these resolutions. I think that I resolved to post at least once per week on the blog last year. I kept it up for about a … week. Though to be fair I did hit a purple patch around the time of the Scottish Referendum.

What do I foresee for the coming year? Well I turn 60 this year, on the 29th of August to be precise. That in itself will cause a few changes. I might have a birthday party this year, a proper one with guests and birthday cake.

Because of the way the way the company pension scheme is set up I have to take my pension at 60 so that means that I will either give up work completely or scale back to two or three days per week. That should be good as long as Mrsjohnm55 doesn’t get fed up of me being around a lot more than she is used to.

We have a general election in May so I am looking forward to a change of government. I am fairly certain that there will be a change, but what it will change to I am a wee bit less certain about. You will get my opinions though.

The featured image has nothing to do with the post. It’s just a photo I took at Wisley a couple of days ago that I happen to like.


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