Writing 101 Free Writing Challenge

So I have signed myself up to the WordPress Writing 101 Course. The Idea being to improve my writing and hopefully make this blog more interesting. Today’s exercise is to write for twenty minutes without an agenda and publish the result.

OK this may not be the most interesting post I have ever produced. It certainly won’t be the most coherent. Though some one (probably Lord Wallington) will probably tell me that it beats every thing that I have ever written on both counts.

I would normally run my posts through the proof reader to winkle out any gross grammatical errors, clichés and the like, before I publish, but this time I won’t as this is just supposed to be a stream on conciousness thing. I will use a spell checker though. The spell checker doesn’t like the way I spell spellchecker apparently. First fail of the post, unless you count starting it that is.
Normally at this time of the year I would be blogging mainly about the Tour de France, but for various reasons, mainly things going on in and around my life, I haven’t got the same enthusiasm for it that I usually have. At this time last year I was getting quite excited about the fact that it was starting in Leeds and that there were to be three stages in Britain, with the final on ending more or less on my doorstep in London. I was making tentative plans about going up to Yorkshire at the weekend and then back home for Monday so that I could take in all three stages, but life got in they way. And as Burns said

“The best laid plans o’ mice and men gan aft aglee”

That is my twenty minutes up, so I will run the spellchecker and hit the publish button.


Feel free to add your 2 pence/2¢/bawbee's worth (delete as appropriate)

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