Weather Revisited

We finally have a bit of a respite from the storms that have battered Britain since about a fortnight before Christmas, or the late part of October of you count the St Jude Storm (so-called because it was at its height on October the 28th, which is The feast of St Jude the Apostle).
I found this video on YouTube in which various climate scientists explain that what we see happening before our eyes is essentially what we can expect to see.

In The Observer Henry Porter asks the climate change sceptics to coherently explain what is happening and why we don’t need to do anything about it. Having berated the media, especially the Today programme, for trying to pretend that man-made climate change is still an open question;

For the moment, however, they have a disproportionate influence because they’ve created the illusion that this is a finely balanced discussion where a person can reasonably support either side. They empower a certain amount of stupidity, laziness, selfishness and ignorance in the minds of many, and I hope some of the younger deniers, though few, live to acknowledge responsibility.

He does give a very logical reason about why the sceptics deny the facts when presented to them.

I mentioned that most deniers come from the right and it is true the uninterrupted business of capitalism, which often entails waste of resources and energy, is a priority, but there is something deeper that explains why there are so few deniers from the left and that is to do with conservative mind. In his 1956 essay “On Being Conservative”, the philosopher Michael Oakeshott wrote that the man of conservative temperament is “not in love with what is dangerous and difficult; he is unadventurous; he has no impulse to sail uncharted seas. What others plausibly identify as timidity, he recognises in himself as rational prudence. He eyes the situation in terms of its propensity to disrupt the familiarity of the features of his world”.

The real problem is that we are all a bit conservative and very few of us want the familiar features of our world disrupted, but unless we start to do something about it soon, as the video shows our little world is going to be disrupted whether we like it or not.
Go read the full article here


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