It’s a New Year

It’s New Years Day 2014. I’m not quite sure where 2013 went, but never mind it’s time for New Years Resolutions. I find New Years resolutions quite easy. I just recycle last years failed resolutions, eat more healthily, lose some weight, try to do a bit more exercise etc. etc…. This enhances my green credentials and saves racking my brain cells too much. I have also decided that his year I should try to blog a bit more than I did last year. I think I averaged about one post a month. I probably shouldn’t set my sights too high so I’ll aim for a post per week to start with.

Inspiration can be a problem, but there is always the cycling scene to comment on. I’m sure that our government will provide cause for the occasional rant. I’ll carry on linking to YouTube clips of songs that I like and throw in the occasional review of an art exhibition. We also have the independence referendum in Scotland this year. I don’t get to vote on it (because I live in London) but I am very interested in the outcome, so I will do a series of posts on it.

New Year also involves traditions. In the johnm55 household this involves going out for a curry on New Years eve (Hogmanay for my Scottish Readers) with Mrs johnm55 and our friend Mike. We used to be joined by another couple but they have moved to place their daughter describes as “almost the middle of nowhere”, it is actually Woodbridge in Suffolk, which is a bit of a trek just for a curry. After that we come back to our place for coffee, Mike goes home to see the New Year in with his mum, Mrs johnm55 usually declares herself French for the evening and wishes me a Happy New Year at 11 o’clock and goes off to bed, leaving me nursing a Caol Ila and watching Jools Holland, to see the new year in. This year she decided to stay up and see it in with me which was nice.

We had one of these in our garden in the Solomons

The other New Year Tradition is exercise, a walk, a bike ride or a trip to the gym. The gym was closed, the wind was high enough to make bike riding unpleasant, hard work and probably downright dangerous. so that left a walk, but where. Headley Heath was ruled out on the basis that with the amount of rain we have had recently it would be more like Headley Marsh. So we decided on The RHS Gardens at Wisley because they have proper paths there. We did try, but after half an hour of battling to keep our umbrellas the right way out we gave up and went to look round the Glass House.

We decided that we would have lunch in the hope that the rain would stop or at least calm down a bit but…

From the Café window
From the Café window

So we gave up and came home.


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