Political Clichés

I am not fond of clichés, I am even less fond of political clichés and of all the clichés dredged up by our current generation of brain-dead politicians this one, tweeted to me by a local M.P., most likely to make me want to throw up.


We are not all families, some of us are single. We are not all hard-working, some people do the least they can get away with. Some people get paid quite a lot for doing nothing that benefits society at all. And, as Deborah Orr points out (among other things), a lot of people work very hard at things that do benefit society but won’t get any benefit from a tax cut because they don’t earn enough to pay tax.

I have decided on a new rule; No politician who invokes “Hard-working families” will get my vote.

This was his reply to me:

Which is sort of true, but didn’t exactly answer my question of how he is going to make sure that only *Hard-working families* are going to receive the tax cut.


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