Get ready to walk through airport security naked.

From the Guardian:

Foiled al-Qaeda bomb plot likely to lead to changes in US airport security

Homeland security adviser says FBI is testing latest underwear bomb to determine if it would have cleared current systems
The disruption of a plot by al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula to attack a US-based jet using what is being billed as an “improved” underwear bomb is likely to lead to increased security at American airports, the chief White House adviser on terrorism has indicated.

The full article is here. I have a feeling that we might have to take more than our shoes off the next time we get on a plane bound for the U.S.A.


One thought on “Get ready to walk through airport security naked.”

  1. A rosy thought for us all. I’m not sure what the deal with airport security at the moment. There must be mathematicians who can quantify reasonably accurately how much risk we are reducing with our current measures. I bet it’s not much. Since you’re rolling the dice with death every time you board a plane anyway, I’d rather save five minutes and keep my shoes on. And my pants, for that matter.


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