Spring is on the way

This is the last Sunday in January, and I know that, in London at least, the temperature will probably drop below zero for the first time since about this time last year. The signs that spring is on the way are unmistakable though.
The Belgian sorry, World Cyclo-cross Championships have just taken place. In the cycling world this means that winter is almost past.

More to the point though, to-day was also the day that Le Grand Prix Cycliste La Marseillaise (L’Ouverture) took place. (The report and results link is in French.) For me, this marks the start of the cycling season and therefore the beginning of Spring.

Soon it will be Paris-Nice, Milan-San Remo, De Ronde Van Vlaanderen, Le Tour de France, all leading up to the Olympic Road Race in my back yard, on the roads that I ride week in, week out. Can’t wait.

Team Type 1 (See previous post) have some photos from the race on their Facebook page

Update: 20:10

Note: The domination by the Belgians (that’s a phrase that isn’t used too often) who took the first seven places, was only in the men’s championships. The women shared the honours around a bit more evenly, but even then, first and second were Dutch.

Further update 30/12/2011 16:30

GP d’Ouverture La Marseillaise 2012 – Highlights from France3

(h/t to Team Type 1)


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