Cameron’s Tories are the wrong kind of right.

Tim Mongomerie editor of the Conservative Home* blog had a piece in yesterday’s Guardian in which he argues that David Cameron is not pursuing the right kind of right-wing policies.

I believe that Britain wants a party with rightwing policies but it wants a rightwing party that demonstrates a deep concern for the ordinary voter. In other words, we are talking about a party that occupies the common ground rather than some milk-and-water centre ground. A party of the common ground takes a tough approach to immigration, crime and welfare, but also wants to protect the NHS and look after the poor. Cameron should have aimed to turn the Conservatives into a rightwing party with a heart; instead he turned it into a leftwing party with cuts.

So a bit more like the UKIP or the BNP and a bit less like the LibDems then Tim?

*Excessive reading of this blog may cause an uncontrollable increase in blood pressure and a reduction in IQ


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