Bike ride to Scotland: Part 4 York to Eggleston

Day 3 – 07/05/2003 (Wednesday) York to Egglestone

At least the wind died down today, or if there was any it was helpful, but we did find some hills. After two days in the flat-lands it was quite pleasant to be somewhere with contours.
Actually the first two-thirds of the trip was reasonably flat. I was climbing steadily and there were hills to my left and right but the roads were quiet (excluding the first few km up the A19) and it was pleasant cycling. It was only after Richmond, going on into Co. Durham that it became necessary to shift into the Granny Ring now and then.

Richmond was my lunch stop. Another interesting town that would have loved to explored for a bit longer, just as I wished that I had a bit more time to explore York the day before. My schedule of around a hundred miles a day meant that I needed to be on the bike about 8 hours per day to get those miles covered. There were also some time constraints, I needed to be back in London by Saturday night as Mrs johnm55 was expecting me to be at Heathrow on Sunday morning to meet her off the aeroplane. But if I was going to do the trip again I would allow more time and restrict my mileage to fifty or sixty miles per day. That would have given me more time to look around York or Richmond or allowed a bit of a deviation if there was an interesting place nearby.

But I had made my decisions so I needed to stick to them. I set off from Richmond just after two, headed for Teesdale and the first real hills of the journey. I was planning to get as far as Hexham but by five thirty there were still over 50km and two major hills to go. I had bitten off more than I could comfortably chew. I had sort of resigned my self to another two and half to three hours of riding and probably arriving in the dark when The Moorcock Inn appeared over the horizon and I decided this was where I was staying for the night.

It was not one that I would regret. It was reasonably priced. The room was nothing spectacular, but the bed was comfortable and it had an en-suite shower room and toilet. I had a shower, changed and made myself a cup of coffee. I sat myself down outside with the coffee and produced this sketch.

By the time I had finished the sketch it was time for dinner, so I wandered down to the bar where they served a very good steak and kidney pie, which I washed down with a couple of pints of Black Sheep Ale. I decided that I had made a good decision.


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