My First Year of Blogging

A year ago today I posted my first ever blog post. Since then I have subjected you to another 90 of the things, 91 if you count this one.

The original purpose of the blog was to rally support for Voting Reform at the referendum back in May. Come on you must remember, it was only six months ago and the good guys lost. But somehow or other, even before the referendum was lost, the blog meandered, cycled, off into the random thoughts, ramblings and occasional rants, of the tag line. It will probably stay there. I enjoy writing it. I hope that those of you who read the thing enjoy reading it as well. Now I look on it as a sort of public journal or diary, and a place to think out loud, and not something that has any specific purpose, though that might change if I find another high horse to ride.

The last time I checked my stats (five minutes ago) someone somewhere has looked at my blog nearly 3,700 times 3,600 of the were probably Mrs Johnm55, the other 100 were probably someone looking on Google for the John Lewis website and making a typing error.
My best day for hits was May 5, referendum day when the world came beating a path to my blog looking for guidance on which way to vote. It’s a pity that you didn’t follow my advice.
My top post of the year with about 300 views is this one, Dark Skies. closely followed by my review of Joan Miró at the Tate Modern I’m not sure why but they seem to get a lot of referrals from search engines. If I knew what I did with them to make them relatively search engine friendly I would do it with all my posts.
The post that I like best of all the ones I have written this year is this one
To everyone who has accidentally clicked through to my blog while searching for John Lewis or Johnny Depp and to those who read it deliberately, thanks for reading, please keep reading, and I’ll update you again next year.


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