Every one should have a bike like this

My Old Bike
My Old Bike

It’s definitely not my best bike (that’s my old ‘racing’ bike), it’s not the bike that I cover the most miles on (that’s my touring bike), but it is the bike that I use the most often. I have had it for nearly twenty years now, . It lives outside the front door, ready for action. It’s the bike I ride to the shops, to the pub and occasionally when the work I have to carry out and the sites I need to visit on a particular day fit in, the bike I ride to work.

It was found in a skip, although probably the only part of it that is left from the original bike is the frame. The handlebars and brake levers were salvaged from a bike that a friend of mine had wrecked. He did quite a good job, the handle bars were just about the only part that was reusable. How he managed to do it without causing similar damage to himself is still a source of amazement. Some bits, like the super-duper suspension seat post, were bought for another bike, then discovered to be the wrong size when I got them home. Other parts were acquired from my other bikes as they wear out, or are replaced by something newer and shinier.
Below is a slide-show illustrating some of the unique features, such as the aerodynamically enhanced duct-taped mudguard, the custom ‘chipped’ paint job, the Christmas tree of lights (in the hope that Wallington drivers will actually see me on winter nights) and last but not least the ‘D’ lock that is probably worth more than the bike itself.

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