Music to make you cry

This was the Guardians third leader today.

In praise of… music to make you cry .

There was also an article in the g2 section here. Various contributors suggest music that makes them cry with suggestions that go from Bach to ‘Bonny’ Prince Billy, via Kylie Minogue and Steve Earle.
One contribution, included because I like the song, even if it doesn’t make me cry:

Goodbye – Steve Earle
As a member of MP4 (a rock band made of MPs) I’ve often reduced people to tears, though not necessarily for the right reasons. Being half-Irish and half-Welsh, I’m a bit of a sucker for sentimental music. I’m a big fan of Earle, and especially Goodbye, which is a spare, pared-down song about a love affair in Earle’s lost years. Halley Came To Jackson by Mary Chapin Carpenter is another corny song that never fails to move me.
Kevin Brennan, Labour MP and MP4 guitarist

For what it is worth this is the song that always does it for me. There is something about Luke Kelly’s phrasing that brings out the poignancy of Patrick Kavanagh’s lyrics that always gets me.


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