Love Wins

Rob Bell’s new book ‘Love Wins’ seems to have stirred up an awful lot of controversy for a book that no one has read as yet (it’s not published until the end of March). It seems that some Calvinist/Reformed thinker/theologian in the United States saw the promotional video

and declared Rob Bell to be an Universalist. Some other deep thinker managed to sum everything up in a tweet; And a perfect storm arose in the blogo-twittersphere, or at least the Calvinist/Reformed micro-segment of it. Question, if you can sum a 300? page book up in a tweet, how come your sermons take so long?

Harvey Edser has been blogging on the theme of Universalism on and off for the past few weeks and covers it in greater depth than I could. Maggie Dawn and Fred Clarke – in two posts deal with the controversy and defend Rob Bell much more eloquently than I could so I will just point you in that direction.

All I want to say is watch the video I don’t think he says anything particularly evil, and if you are interested buy the book when it comes out. It will probably be, for a theological book  a good read, because it will have a narrative. If  nothing else, Rob Bell can tell a story and I think that makes all the Calvinist/Reformed thinkers and sitters in ivory theological seminaries jealous.


2 thoughts on “Love Wins”

  1. John,
    I’ve ordered the book and very much looking forward to reading it. Have to admit that I am a Rob Bell fan. Amazing though when you look at what people throw at him how angry they get – maybe it says more about them!

    Best wishes



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